Live Poker Versus Online Poker – The Not so Subtle Differences

    Online and Live poker has seen growing popularity in recent years. While online poker has been steadily growing, so too does live poker plays. The game is similar, a flush will beat a straight in both live an online play of poker. It is just that the venue where they are being played makes a huge impact and big differences involved in the strategic considerations when playing the game. However, because they are the same game, many of the skills developed in one format will readily transfer from live to online. So how would live poker compare to online poker?

Live Poker is “Real”

     In so many ways, comparing “live” poker is comparing virtual to a real-life situation. Some have even gone so far as likening live poker to a sport and online poker to a video game. It may actually have hit the spot. Live poker is just actually a casino poker game in a table that is being broadcasted or streamed live online. The differences between the strategies of the two became even more apparent when pros from live poker tried to play online and get demolished. And in the same manner, players from the online part of the poker world fumbled almost helplessly at how to handle real cards with their fingers and have so much difficulty handling chips as well.

Online Poker is “Not Real”

     This is a normal complaint from a live player trying out online poker for the first time. It is indeed like playing a video game and the contrast from the real game could not be further. To further reinforce this feeling, many websites who operate online poker will often offer “play money” for a free trial period to use their site. In this period you can do pretty much anything you can do when the time comes that you have live money on their account. You can choose any table and play any hand like Jacks, Aces, and pokerqq without any fear of losing money. This trial period, of course, will go away long after you are already hooked on playing the game.

The Pace of  the Game

     Another difference that stands out is how fast online poker is compared to live poker play. This is one of the first things an online poker will find frustrating when looking at a live poker game. You also have the ability to play several tables online rather than just the one table you will be playing at in a live poker game. This means that online poker will be playing with a lot more hands than possible when live.

     Those are not all the differences but they are a few of the most notable. Whatever those differences might be, both these types of games are popular and enjoyable.